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Example of pictures illustrating an experimentation developped during CarboSchools
Pictures illustrating an experimentation developped during CarboSchools and explained in the third booklet


CS Logo Third Educational booklet (in English): Global Change: from research to the classroom

An education for sustainability based on authentic science learning and project teaching: resources, methods, results and perspectives from European teachers and scientists.

Low resolution pdf (3.53 Mo)     High resolution pdf (25.7 Mo)

CS Logo Versions françaises : Changements globaux : de la recherche scientifique à la salle de classe

Une éducation au développement durable fondée sur l'expérimentation scientifique et l'enseignement par projet : ressources, méthodes, résultats et perspectives issus de la collaboration entre chercheurs et enseignants européens.

Basse résolution pdf (4 Mo)    Haute résolution pdf (259 Mo, qualité impression)


   cover of the third booklet
Cover of the third booklet, in English and French


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