Open Science Conference on the GHG cycle in the Northern Hemisphere, November 2006
CarboSchools special session


The first running CarboSchools projects have been presented in front of more than 60 scientists from the CarboEurope / CarboOcean / NitroEurope community gathered in Crete on Monday 13th November.

Very enthusiastic speakers have been able to demonstrate all the fun and educational as well as scientific interest of impulsing teacher-scientist partnerships with secondary schools.

Read here the presentations by :
Annette Freibauer, MPI-BGC Jena (personal CO2 emissions calculator)
Marc Jamous, LSCE Gif/Yvette
Ingeborg Levin, University of Heidelberg
Harro J. Meijer, CIO Groningen
Janusz Olejnik, University of Poznan (*)
Andrea Volbers, Bjerknes Center for Climate Research, Bergen
Philippe Saugier, carboschools coordinator

(*) in this presentation the 2025 picture of the Arctic region is one more joke (hopefully)

Watch here the movie from the Norwegian CarboSchools project on board the research vessel Hans Brattstrøm :