Activity in Kiel
Activity in Jena
Activity in Aquitaine area (France)
Activity in Norway
Activity in Romania
Activity in Southern Italy

Activity reports

Activities run in 2008-2009

3-page summary of achievements(pdf 127kB)
Full description of field activities(pdf 4MB)

Regional workplans (document .doc 114 ko)

Activities from pilot years 2004-2007

CarboSchools reports 2006-2007

CarboSchools session in Poznan, October 2007

Crete Conference, November 2006, CarboSchools special session

Global Change Scientists:
Get involved in a CarboSchool project!

CarboSchools 2005-2006 Activity report

Call for CarboSchools : why and how two EU research programmes want to encourage partnerships with secondary schools

Report from the workshop on CarboEurope -
CarboOcean school projects, Die (France) 21-24 March 2005

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