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European Project on Ocean Acidification (EPOCA) Educational Pages

An evolutive educational package on ocean acidification for secondary schools, mostly based on a major EPOCA experiment in Spitzbergen.
Audience: Students, Teachers and Scientists
Languages: English.
Published: March 2009
Keywords: website, acidification, brochure
Download: Educational Booklet (7.8 Mb)



Summaries of scientific consensus reports such as IPCC. Examples for topics: climate change, CO2 capture and storage, ecosystem change.
Age: 15+
Languages: English (website and some documents also in other languages)
Last updates: 2008.
Source: GreenFacts, a Belgian non-profit organization.
Keywords: website, brochure, CCS


Globe projects: carbon cycle

The GLOBE Carbon Cycle Project links an international team of scientists and educational outreach specialists with the GLOBE educational community. Through field exercises, computer modeling, and remote sensing, primary and secondary grade level teachers and students will gain knowledge about current carbon cycle research, develop strong analytical skills, and increase their overall environmental awareness.

Age: From primary to secondary school
Audience: Students, teachers and scientists
Language: English
Last update: 2010
Source: Globe program


Teaching Quantitative Skills in the Geosciences

Information on the issues involved in teaching quantitative skills; methods; additional resources; a community of other faculty". Basically focused on teaching undergraduate students, but interesting to take a glance.
Age: teachers
Language: English.
Last updates: 2008.
Source: Science Education Resource Center (SERC) at Carleton College.
Keywords: teaching


CS LogoThe forest, greenhouse gases and climate change – Students, teachers and scientists in interaction 

A booklet providing inspiration and ideas for your teaching about the climate issue. It contains e.g. teaching material and laboratory work experiences from cooperation between a university and a secondary school. The booklet include a CD (mainly in Swedish, parts in English)
Audience: Teachers and Scientists
Languages: English. CD mainly in Swedish
Published: November 2009
Keywords: CarboSchools, Teachers Scientists cooperation, material, laboratory work, secondary schools
Download: pdf document (6.9MB)   Swedish version

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