activity in the Spain project One of the research topics of the Climate Research Laboratory in Science Park in Barcelona (LRC-PCB; is carbon dynamics, going from the local to the global scale, passing by the regional one (NE Iberian Peninsula). Precise and accurate atmospheric CO2 measurements are obtained in ground remote sites, in tall towers and in airborne platforms. LRC-PCB has also the objective of approaching its research to the society.

The education goal of Climate Research Laboratory is to become an International Open Center for educational purposes on Climate Research and Global Change on both formal and non-formal education.

In CarboSchools+, LRC-PCB is closely working with Fundació Escoles Tr@ms, an association of schools concerned with science teaching in their classes, trying to implement Carbon Cycle and Global Change disciplines in their science curricula. A site of CO2-Schoolweb European network is going to be established as a focal point to meet scientist, teachers and students together. Moreover, the Natural Sciences Section of the Mataró Museum ( is going to hold another CO2 measurement site. It is going to be a focal point of non-formal discussions about the Global Change issues, always with the concurrence of scientist involved in this research field. An exhibition about the CarboSchools+ project and the Science of Carbon Cycle and Global Change will provide a context for the CO2 measurements obtained in the Mataró city center.

LRC-PCB is looking for collaboration with more teachers and schools, and it is having success. By now, teachers associated with the “Seminari Permanent de Ciències Naturals”, some of them participants in the last EGU GIFT meeting in Vienna, are interested in CS+. Currently, LRC-PCB meets them to develop activities where scientist-teachers-students learn to make science together!