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Java Climate Model

A browser-based tool to simulate the implications of different IPCC-based emission scenarios. Quite powerful, but a little hard to get into.

Age:Might be useful for students age 14 and above, but more as an instructional tool.
Language: English.
Last update: Not quite up to date (refers to data from 2000); last update February 2009.
Keywords: computer, model, simulation


Mass Balance Model to Understand Carbon Dioxide and its Connection to Global Warming

A browser-based tool that calculates atmospheric concentration for a given emission growth rate. Well documented.

Age: Focused on undergraduate students, but applicable (with some simplifications) starting from age 14.
Language: English.
Last update: June 2008.
Keywords: computer, model, simulation


The Carbon Dioxide Game

A "fun, active outdoor game for helping students visualize how human activities enhance the natural greenhouse effect."

Ages tested: 10+.
Language: English, French,
Material: chalk.
Source: Green Teacher 70, Spring 2003.
Keywords: outdoor, experiment


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