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Carbon Dioxide Fertilization of Marine Microalgae (Dunalliela sp.) Cultures

An experiment designed to illustrate the impact of carbon dioxide on microalgal growth in the aquatic environment.
Age: 10-12 and 16-18
Language: English
Material: specialized
Duration: some hours for preparation, 10 days for cultures
Author: Sally Soria-Dengg
Published: Sep. 2008
Download or link: 1) Description (Word): msword 209 kB 2) Description (pdf): pdf 286 kB

Comment 1: First version; to be improved... :)
Joachim Dengg, IFM-GEOMAR, Kiel, Germany, 2008-09-27


How the climate is going to change in the next century

An activity with colored balls and climate scenarios, designed to give an impression of the reliability of the statistics of predictions.
Age: 12-14
Language: English (mostly)
Material: low-tech
Duration: 15 min. (with 20 min. preparation)
Author: Anna Font
Published: Jun 2008
Download or link: 1) Description (Word, 28kB) 2) Description (pdf, 64 kB) 3) Panel with temperature predictions (pdf, 12 KB) 4) Description (Word): msword 26 kB 5) Description (pdf): pdf 62 kB 6) Panel with temperature predictions (pdf): pdf 12 kB