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CS Logo Weather Forecast at home

Pupils measure and compare local weather trends in urban and countryside areas. They handle easy meteorological instruments, take their own readings and perform data analysis

Download: Description in English (pdf 2.2 MB), English worksheet (openOffice or Excel file), Italian version

Ages tested: 14+
Language: English, Italian
Material: Low cost < 30 euros
Author: Francesca Ugolini, CarboSchools
Topics: data acquisition, weather forecast data

CS Logo Photosynthesis measurements of plants in the school garden

Pupils enforce their knowledge about photosynthesis by carrying out measurements on leaves with a gas analyser.

Download: Description (Word or pdf)

Students preparing CO2 sensor 
Ages tested: 15+
Time: 30 min to 1 hr for measurements (repeated over several weeks to obtain time series)
Language: English (Italian version available on request)
Material: specialized
Author: Francesca Ugolini, CarboSchools
Topics: photosynthesis, plants
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CS Logo Photosynthesis, let's measure it! 

In this activity, students approach the concepts of plant physiology and have a direct and concrete experience of the gas exchanges occurring in the leaf during photosynthesis. It is supported by professional instruments provided by the research institute.

Download: pdf, 204 kB
Link: Phosynthesis I measure it! (Italian)

Pupils measuring photosynthesis
Ages tested: 14+
Time: 1 day
Language: English, Italian
Material: specialized
Author: Antonio Raschi, Francesca Ugolini, CarboSchools

CS Logo The soil breathes 

In this activity 3 different parameters of soils will be measured and their effect on gas diffusion analysed: soil respiration, soil moisture and bulk density.

Download: pdf, 428 kB

Students preparing a vegetable garden.
Ages tested: 14+
Time: 20 minutes for preparation, 30 minutes for the activity
Language: English
Material: specialized
Author: Francesca Ugolini, CarboSchools
Topics: Soil respiration, soil moisture, pH, carbon cycle and storage, decomposition

CS Logo Natural springs of CO2 as didactic laboratory 

Caution: be very careful with high concentrations of CO2; they can be very dangerous! It is recommended to never breath air with CO2 above 0.2% (2000 ppm).

The doline of Bossoleto is a place with high concentration of atmospheric CO2 (as high as 75% in some place!). Advantages of this doline are that you can make many experiments to show the greenhouse effect due to CO2 and effects on CO2 to plants and animals. Description of these experiments can give you ideas for experiments in schools.

Download: pdf, 224 kB


Pupils in Bossoleto place


Ages tested: 14+
Time: 30 minutes on the spot.
Language: English
Material: specialized, specially the spot
Author: Antonio Raschi, Francesca Ugolini, CarboSchools
Topics: photosynthesis, gas analyser, plant growing
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CS Logo Atmospheric CO2 transect from the city to the mountain top 

Using a carbon dioxide sensor, pupils investigate atmospheric CO2 along a transect in their local area

Download: Presentation: pdf 256 kB, Worksheet: Word doc 75 kB

A way to measure atmospheric CO2
Ages tested: 15+
Time: variable: one or several days excursion during the school year
Language: English
Material: specialized
Author: Anna Font, Josep Anton Morgu├ş, Roger Curcoll, CarboSchools
Topics: transect, meteorology, atmospheric carbon dioxide

Experiment Instructions for Ship Cruises

An opportunity for pupils to discover and learn all about the physics, chemistry and biology of seawater and to develop important scientific skills, all while acquiring a taste for cruise life.

Download: Description (Word 60 kB or pdf 21 kB).
Links: see a movie about one day in Bergen (Norway) in high or low resolution

 Back from a cruise ship!
Ages tested: 15+
Time: 1 day excursion
Language: English
Material: specialized
Author: Ingunn Skjelvan, CarboSchools
Topics: ocean, ship cruises, seawater

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