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Project reports
results from carboeurope/carboocean:
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Activities run in 2008-2009

3-page summary of achievements(pdf 127kB)
Full description of field activities(pdf 4MB)

Regional workplans (document .doc 114 ko)

Full scientific reports

Integrated assessment of the European and North Atlantic carbon balance (pdf 127 Mo)
(Synthesis of results from CarboEurope and CarboOcean - 144 pages, december 2008)

Key findings from CarboEurope, CarboOcean & the Global Carbon Project (pdf 788 ko)
(chapter 1 of the second carboschools booklet: What we have learned - 12 pages, december 2008)

CarboEurope research highlight for 2007
CarboEurope research highlight for 2006

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Reports from CarboSchools pilot years 2004-2007

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